Step1: Complete An Application Form (Soft Or Hard Copy)

Step 2: Provide Proof Of Ownership Of Land (Copies Of Site Plan, Indenture, Land Title) Arrange For Viewing Of Land/Locating Land (At A Cost)

Step 3: Signing Of The Construction Agreement. The Agreement Comes With The Charges Of Jb Forge Which Generally Ranges Between 20% To 30% Of The Development Costs.

Step 4: Client To Submit Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Drawings (If Not Available, Jb Forge Will Assist In Providing These Documents)

Step 5: Submitting Drawings To A Qualified Quantity Surveyor (This Process Is To Identify The Cost Involved To Build The Design That Has Been Chosen. And Also To Indicate All The Fixed And Variable Cost Such As Labor, Management, Interior Construction, Transportation And Waste Management.

Step 6: A Work Schedule Will Be Generated, In Addition To A  Payment Plan And The Turnaround Time Determined For The Entire Project.

Step 7: Moving To Site To Begin Site Preparation And First Phase Of Construction. The Rest Of The Construction Phases Will Be Completed After This Stage.

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